Do you know the way to add Fitbit account to the app? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select your mirror:

Step 2.Click on the "Mirror" option and you will find "Personal Display Settings" and "General Display Settings" to customize the mirror.

Step 3. After choosing any one of the settings option it will be directed to another screen.Now you can find "+" symbol at the bottom.Click on that to get more options

Step 4.Click on the option "Healthdata".

Step 5. After selecting the HealthData option, you'll be asked to select the data source. Select "Fitbit" option.

Step 6. Add your Fitbit account to sync the details to the app.

Step 7. Login with your Fitbit account to sync the data source in to the app.

Step 8. Now the account is synced to the app.

Step 9. You can choose the options like "Steps" and "Distance" which you want to get displayed on the screen. Now the selected options will be displayed on the screen, you can see them marked on the screen.

Follow these steps carefully to add Fitbit account to the app.

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